Meet: Arlene Murray-Adams, Peace of Mind Recipient

Valentine Roofing's "Peace of Mind" Program Provides a New Roof for Arlene Murray-Adams

At Valentine Roofing, we believe in giving back to our communities, especially those who have dedicated their lives to serving others. That's why we were thrilled to have Arlene Murray-Adams as the recipient of our "Peace of Mind" program, where she received a new roofing system and more, all free of charge.

Arlene's story is one of resilience, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication to serving her community, particularly veterans and Gold Star families. With several nominations pouring in from the listeners of SPIRIT 105.3, it was clear that Arlene's impact resonated deeply with many—the testimonials from those who nominated Arlene best paint a vivid picture of her impact. Monica, Diane, Rick, and James all shared heartfelt anecdotes about Arlene's kindness, generosity, and unwavering dedication to helping others, even in the face of personal challenges.

Her journey as a military spouse, enduring the loss, and subsequently facing the challenges of widowhood with grace and strength, showcases her remarkable character. From her extensive volunteer work at American Lake Hospital, the Washington State Veterans Coalition Board, and Quiote Village in Orting to her leadership roles in Washington State Gold Star Wives organizations, Arlene's selflessness shines through in every endeavor. Her dedication to supporting Gold Star families, advocacy for veterans' rights, and tireless efforts to improve her community exemplify the spirit of service. Her unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others serves as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.

When Arlene needed urgent repairs she found it difficult to ask for help as she has always been a giver. Multiple leaks in her roof required tarps, keeping Arlene up at night wondering how to pay for the needed repairs. The leaks caused health issues from the resulting mold. Recognizing her dire need, Valentine Roofing was honored to step in and provide Arlene with a new roof through our "Peace of Mind" program.

Project Specs

Valentine Roofing replaced Arlene’s roof with Owens Corning Duration shingles in Onyx Black, 2 TAM flat skylights, 5k gutters in Lo Gloss White, and blown-in Owens Corning attic insulation. First, Valentine Roofing provided and replaced 84 sheets of plywood on Arlene’s main house. Afterward, we replaced the existing roof with Owens Corning Duration Shingles on her main house and garage in Onyx Black to match the home’s exterior style. The crew also ensured that the intake and ventilation were clear. We also replaced the fascia, removed the gutters, and installed 225 feet of 5-inch gutters and downspouts in Lo Gloss White on the main house, detached garage, and detached shed. Valentine Roofing included Owens Corning blown-in attic insulation to help eliminate mold in the attic and improve energy efficiency. We then replaced two bathroom and one kitchen flapper vents. Finally, one of Arlene’s favorite features of the project included two new TAM skylights in her vaulted ceiling, letting in sunlight and brightening up her existing living space.

For us, this isn't just about installing a new roof; it's about honoring a community member who has dedicated her life to serving others. Arlene's selfless acts of kindness have touched countless lives, and we are grateful for the opportunity to give back to her. As Arlene's new roof stands as a symbol of hope and stability, we are reminded of the power of community and the importance of supporting those who have given so much of themselves to others. We hope this gesture brings Arlene the peace of mind she deserves and allows her to continue her incredible work for many more years. Thank you, Arlene, for your unwavering dedication and service to our community. You are a true inspiration, and it's an honor to help you this way.

Thank you to our partners for each generous donation - Owens Corning Roofing, Stoneway Roofing Supply, Tam Skylights, and Hall's Hauling Dumpster Rentals South Puget Sound Tacoma Lakewood. We would like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to Infinity Solar USA and SPIRIT 105.3 for collaborating with us. If you are interested in nominating someone in the community for a roof, free of charge, visit our website at

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