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5 factors impacting roof cost in Washington

For homeowners in Washington, there are 5 main factors that go into quoting a roof replacement project:

  1. Roof style:
    The more complicated your roof, the more labor and planning will be necessary.
  2. Roof steepness:
    Simply put, the steeper the roof, the more complicated the installation.
  3. Roofing material:
    The material used will play a big factor in the cost of your replacement roof. Composite shingle roofs are on the more affordable side, while metal roofs will cost more.
  4. Construction Work:
    It’s our goal to work efficiently and be out of your space as quickly as possible. At the end of each day, we’ll leave the job site organized, tidy, and safe.
  5. Labor costs:
    Labor costs vary based on the complexity of the roofing project.

How much does roof replacement cost in Washington?

The average cost of a new roof in Washington is between $14,000 and $26,000 for the median-sized home. The biggest factors affecting price are roof square footage and the shingle materials used.

Roof Cost Based on Season

The majority of people replace their roofs during the summer months. Material prices typically rise during the busier summer months. The most affordable time to replace a roof is in the fall, early winter, or spring.

Average roofing cost in your area

The average roof cost in the table below is calculated using the median home square footage of the homes in each Washington city. Prices are based on the average per-square-foot cost of architectural/asphalt shingles. For the most accurate roof estimate, contact our Washington roofing contractors.

CityRoof Cost
Bellevue $18,733 - $28,594
Everett $16,113 - $23,007
Federal Way $16,818 - $24,015
Kent $15,607 - $23,822
Kirkland $16,061 - $22,933
Redmond $16,647 - $23,770
Renton $17,470 - $24,945
Sammamish $20,537 - $31,348
Seattle $13,993 - $19,980
Tacoma $15,034 - $21,467

How Roof Type Affects Roof Replacement Prices

The choice of roofing material significantly impacts the cost of your roof replacement project. Prices vary due to differences in manufacturing costs, durability, and installation complexity. For example, architectural shingles are more affordable and easier to install compared to metal roofs, making them a lower cost option. In Washington, you can expect to pay around $13 per square foot for architectural shingles, $26 per square foot for low slope/single-ply membrane, and $33 per square foot for standing seam metal, on average. The below table shows what the average homeowner in Washington can expect to pay for a full roof replacement based on the roof material they select.

Roof Material TypeRoof Replacement Cost
Architectural Shingles $7,800 - $22,000
Low Slope/Single Ply Membrane $15,600 - $44,000
Standing Seam Metal $19,500 - $55,000

Average Roof Replacement Cost by Roof Square Footage

The square footage of your home is the next biggest contributor to the cost of your roof replacement. The bigger the roof, the more materials and labor will be required. Larger roofs also tend to contain more complex angles and architecture, causing the installation to be more difficult and to take longer. The below table shows the average roof replacement cost by square footage for homeowners in Washington. The price ranges in the table consider all roof material options. Depending on the roof material, prices could be lower or higher than the presented ranges.

Roof Square FootageRoof Replacement Cost
1,000 Sq. Ft. $20,258 - $28,286
1,300 Sq. Ft. $26,335 - $36,257
1,600 Sq. Ft. $32,413 - $45,257
1,800 Sq. Ft. $30,643 - $46,200
2,200 Sq. Ft. $37,452 - $56,467
3,000 Sq. Ft. $44,330 - $67,571

To get the most accurate estimate on roof replacement, contact us for a free bid!

How much does a roof repair cost in Washington?

The cost of your roof repair in Washington will vary depending on the size of the repair, what needs to get repaired, the materials needed for the repair, and the complexity of your roof. In Washington, some roof repairs can cost as little as $400 while more complex repairs can reach $4,000+. Neglected roof damage will only get worse, create more problems, and drive your costs up when you decide to finally take care of it. If neglected long enough, it can get to the point of needing a full roof replacement.

4 Price Factors of a Roof Repair

There are several factors roof estimators consider when quoting a roof repair. The most common factors roofers will consider include:

  1. Size of Repair: The size of the repair needed plays a big role in determining the cost. For minor fixes like replacing a few shingles, the average cost can be as little as $24 per square foot.
  2. Type of Repair: Different problems, like fixing leaks, replacing shingles, or dealing with structural issues, come with different price tags. A basic leak from old chimney flashing might cost around $500 while replacing a section of the roof could cost over $4,500.
  3. Type of Materials: The materials you need for a repair can significantly affect the overall repair cost. For example, roof materials like composite shingles may only cost around $13 per square foot to replace or repair, while metal roofing can cost $32.5 or more per square foot.
  4. Roof Structure: The complexity of a roof's structure, including its slope and design, will impact the amount of time and safety precautions required to properly complete the job - adding additional costs to the final bill.

Every roof repair is different and the cost is case by case. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your roof repair is to get your roof inspected and quoted by a professional.

Average Roof Repair Cost By Damage Type


Roof Leak Repair Cost

In Washington, the average roof leak repair will cost you $850. Something like replacing chimney flashing can cost around $500 while replacing a leaking skylight can cost around $2,200.

Roof Shingles Repair Cost

Washington residents can expect to pay an average of $24 per square foot for shingle repair/replacement. The price can be higher or lower depending on the material and the size of the damaged area. Here are the average roof repair prices based on roofing material in Washington:

Roof MaterialRepair Cost/Sq. Ft.
Architectural Shingle $10.12 - $16.02
Low Slope/ Single Ply Membrane $20.23 - $32.03
Standing Seam Metal $25.29 - $40.04

Damaged Flashing Repair Cost

Damaged flashing is one of the more minor roof repairs you can run into.  Like other roof repairs, the total cost depends on the size of the repair and the type of flashing. According to a study written by Forbes in 2023, here are the industry averages for roof flashing repairs on the average home in Washington:

Flashing TypeRepair Cost/Sq. Ft.
Headwall Flashing $2 - $9
Chimney Flashing $.5 - $3
Drip Edge $1 - $4
Pipe Boot $150 - $300 (per unit)

Storm Damage Repair Cost

When the aftermath of a storm is just a few missing shingles, your expenses will be notably less compared to a scenario where a tree falls onto your roof. The impact of a tree can cause internal structural damage to trusses, sheathing, and underlayment, causing more complex repairs and ultimately leading to higher costs. The more damage the storm causes, the more the roof repair will cost.

Roof Replacement Cost vs Roof Repair Cost

For some property owners, fixing the roof is the optimal choice. However, for others, replacing the entire roof might prove more cost-effective over time, preventing repeated expenses that eventually equal the price of a brand new roof. The best way to find out which option is best for your roof is to contact a knowledgeable, honest roofing contractor like Valentine Roofing.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a roof on a 3,000 square foot house in Washington?

Replacing a 3,000 sq. foot roof in Washington can cost between $44,330 - $67,571.

How much does it cost to replace a roof on a 2,500 square foot house in Washington?

Replacing a 2,500 square foot roof can cost between $42,330 - $67,571 in Washington.

How much does it cost to replace a roof on a 1,000 square foot house in Washington?

Replacing a 1,000 square foot roof in Washington can cost between $20,258 - $28,286.

How much does a 1,500 square foot roof cost to replace in Washington?

Replacing a 1,500 square-foot roof can cost between $30,387 and $42,429 in Washington depending on the roof material, roof complexity, and roof steepness.