Meet Floyd

Floyd and his wife standing in front of their newly renovated home

Dedicating himself to his country as a service member during the Korean war Floyd helped build roads, bridges and other infrastructure for troops. He rose through the ranks quickly becoming a Staff Sergeant. While stationed in Germany he met his wife and was married abroad in 1953. Upon their return to the United States Floyd and his wife purchased their family home and raised three children together. Five decades later, Floyd still lives in the home he and his late wife created together. As a family man, Floyd always found a way to provide for his wife and children, making sure his home was in good repair, often fixing things himself and earning the nickname MacGyver from his children. Floyd’s service and commitment to his community did not end with the war. Over the years he has been an active member of VFW Post 1040 in Lynnwood, WA and seldom misses a meeting. In his spare time, you can find Floyd collecting fossils and rocks with the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club. He also devoted 31 years and 3 months to the Boeing Company, retiring on April 1, 1988, after working on everything from the B52 to the 707.

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Anytime there was anyone that needed help, he was always the first one to stand up and say, 'let me get my toolbox'.

Carol Duncan, regarding her father, Floyd

In October of 2019, Carol nominated Floyd for a new roof through the Peace of Mind Program.  Carol was worried the roof would not make it through another winter noting the roof was “currently covered with black plastic to stop the leaks.” She knew  “at this stage of [Floyd’s] life he does not have the financial means to invest in a new roof” and wanted a way to give back to the man who spent his whole life-giving to her, her family, and their community.

Valentine Roofing was able to provide Floyd Duncan, a local Veteran of the Korean War, a new roof on the home he has lived in since 1958. Floyd and his late wife raised three children in this home, filling it with priceless memories throughout the years. In part because of generous donations from Beacon Roofing Supply and Owens Corning, and together with the hard work and expertise of the Marysville Branch employees, Valentine Roofing installed a brand-new roof for Floyd free of charge. In 3 days, Valentine Roofing removed the old failing roof, repaired areas that had been affected by water penetration, and installed a whole new roofing system, giving Floyd and his home much-needed respite and repairs.

A map of Flyod's home in Lynnwood, WA

Project Specs

  • LOCATION: Lynnwood, WA
  • ROOF TYPE: Combo (Composition Shingles & PVC)
  • ROOF PITCH: 4/12
  • SHINGLE TYPE: Owens Corning Duration
  • PVC COLOR: Dark Brown
  • JOB NOTES: After removing the old roofing material the site foreman identified several areas where the roof deck needed repair from water damage. Using 19 sheets of plywood the crew was able to make the needed repairs. A change order was made to the front entrance roofing. It was decided to use PVC on this section rather than keeping the metal roofing as was originally planned.

Project Partners

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