Meet Roberta and James Antioquia: Peace of Mind Roof Replacement Recipient

Valentine Roofing's Peace of Mind Program Provides a New Roof for Roberta and James

We are thrilled to introduce Roberta & James, our newest participants for our upcoming Peace of Mind project. Roberta is a remarkable individual whose resilience & dedication have profoundly impacted our community. As the matriarch of her family, Roberta's strength & nurturing spirit have been a cornerstone for those around her. Alongside Roberta is her equally remarkable husband, James. James is the quiet force behind the scenes, ensuring everyone is cared for. His logical approach & ability to shift perspectives have been invaluable in navigating life's challenges. Their contributions to their family & our community are numerous and heartfelt.

Roberta's journey is one of unwavering commitment and perseverance. For many years, she was a beloved figure at the local high school, where she ran the lunch program with efficiency & care, ensuring that every student felt valued and supported. James is known for his selflessness & generosity. An Alaska Native & the youngest of 13 siblings, James has naturally taken on the role of the go-to person for his extended family, providing support and guidance whenever needed. He has been a steady and loving presence in his stepdaughter LeeAnn's life since she was three years old, effectively stepping into the role of "dad" and offering unwavering support.

In 2020, Roberta faced a significant health challenge when she suffered a stroke. Despite this setback, she has shown incredible determination in her recovery, driven by her desire to remain an active and present figure in her family's life. This determination is even more inspiring considering her long battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a diagnosis she received 33 years ago. Through diligent effort, she has managed to keep her MS in remission, ensuring that she can continue to be there for her loved ones.

Together, Roberta & James exemplify the spirit of resilience, dedication, and community. Their contributions & sacrifices have made a significant impact, and it is our honor to recognize & support them in their endeavors. We are excited to have them as participants in this community service project & look forward to celebrating their continued strength and generosity.

When Roberta and her husband James realized that their roof was in dire need of replacement they planned to tackle the project themselves to manage the costs, showcasing their determination and self-reliance. James is an accomplished electrician specializing in commercial work, and he currently runs his own small business. His skills and dedication to his craft are well-known but don’t exactly translate to roofing, leaving LeeAnn feeling very uneasy with the family's plan of action to replace the roof themselves. Valentine Roofing stepped in, easing the family's concerns by providing Roberta and James' a new roof, free of charge through Valentine Roofing's Peace of Mind program.

Project Specs

Valentine Roofing replaced Roberta and James' roof with Owens Corning Duration shingles in Onyx Black and Gutters Plus provided the labor and new gutters. First, Valentine Roofing provided full sheathing for the main home, detached home, and patio. Additionally, we added 140 LF of fascia and replaced 8 LF of barge board. The crew also added 35 ft of in-venting and trimmed all barge flush with fascia. Because Roberta and James had a dog, we diligently protected the landscaping and provided a meticulous cleanup to ensure the dog's safety and wellbeing.


"Elmer and crew were fabulous. Everything from the bin being dropped off a couple days ahead of time, and then the material showed up. Elmer showed up with his crew, and the first thing that they did was put plastic on everything and covered our plants with plywood. They covered our windows... It was amazing how quickly they did it. At the end of the day, they made sure that it was all cleaned up and everything was water tight again." - James Antioquia

From initial surprise to finally feeling at peace, Roberta described what it meant for her and James to receive a new roof, free of charge. "[We feel at] peace and proud. We know that it's going to be water tight and last for years. It looks good and they really went above and beyond with venting way of venting on at the lower end of the roof as well as the peak." - Roberta Antioquia

Thank you, Roberta and James, for allowing us to serve you and your home! Special thanks to Gutters Plus for their generous donation on Roberta and James' project. 

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