Can You Roof in the Rain?

When the season changes and the sun is lower in the sky, we welcome autumn to the Northwest. The weather takes a turn bringing more wet and windy days.  When this happens we get asked the same question by our customers year after year.

"Can you safely re-roof my home in the rain?"

The simple answer is yes, we can provide your home with a new roof year-round. In the Northwest, there is no such thing as a "roofing season". However, the process for safely roofing any home in the rain is a little bit more complex than a simple yes. The real question isn't whether we CAN roof in the rain, but HOW we can roof in the rain. The seasons may be changing but Valentine Roofing's commitment to your peace of mind remains the same. Let's take a look at the Valentine Roofing process for keeping your home safe from the elements when roofing year round!

1. We Deliver Materials on Site Before Your Project

First, our production team will make sure all the needed materials are on-site to keep your job flowing smoothly regardless of the weather. Having all the materials needed means your roof won't be left exposed longer than is necessary for proper install preparation. It allows the crew to be efficient and to tackle the roof one section at a time if needed. We will cover that a little later.

2. We Won't Tear Your Roof Off in the Rain

Your experience manager and site foreman will both keep a trained eye on the weather, along with impending weather reports, to make decisions about starting your roof tear off. We only need one or two dry days to remove the old roofing material, prep your roof deck, and install the underlayment to effectively 'dry in' your roof. Once the underlayment is installed your home is protected! While the weather may occasionally delay the start of a project, it is usually only for one or two days.

3. We Use the Right Underlayment for Your Job!

Not all underlayments are created equal, or even for our region! At Valentine Roofing we helped the most trusted brand in roofing, Owens Corning®, create a synthetic underlayment specifically designed for the Northwest. This underlayment, Titanium® X30, outperforms all other underlayments in its class in ALL weather conditions. It protects your home better throughout every season. It also protects the crews better with a safer walking surface and Comfort Grip™ Technology. Titanium® x30 is rated to withstand exposure for up to 30 days when properly fastened and installed according to manufacturer specs. This underlayment is so versatile it can be used during a Valentine Roofing composition shingle installation as well as metal roof installation. We mean business when it comes to protecting your home, which is why we use Titanium® X30 year-round for roof installations, not just in fall and winter.

4. We Roof Your Home in Sections

We mentioned installing your roof in sections earlier, so let's dive into what that means. Your roof is often divided by valleys, ridgelines, hips, and more. Wherever there is a natural division in the roof from one of these features it creates a roof facet or section. This makes tearing off the material section by section possible. By only exposing smaller sections of the roof and drying them in before moving on to a new section, it keeps your home safe from the elements.

5. We Use the Correct Safety Gear

Safety is important all year. All Valentine Roofing crews use safety gear, like ropes and harnesses, year-round. They are especially helpful in the rain when the surfaces are damp and may become slippery. In addition to safety gear, the crews wear the proper footgear for maximum slip resistance and job site safety!

When it is time to replace your roof you can trust Valentine Roofing, your roofing experts, to have the right process for the success of your project!

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