Cedar Shingle Installation

We are installing cedar shingles on a roof that was previously cedar shakes. This project is off 129th in Redmond. A lot of people think that shake and shingles mean the same thing but they don’t. They are both cedar, but shingles are 18? in height and are installed at a   5 1/2? exposure while cedar shakes are 24? in height and installed at a 10? exposure (Shakes can be installed at a 7? exposure also).


brooke-1  brooke-2


Here are some pictures of the early stages of the process. We are tearing of the cedar shake roof. Then you can see the skip sheeting and the attic in between the skips. We install two layers of heavy-duty felt paper then we will install the shingles on top. This sort of project will take us 5-7 days.

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