Dawn in Renton Receives Free Roof Through Dori Monson Show and Valentine Roofing Peace of Mind Program

September 3rd - Dawn's Roof is Complete

Our crew completed the roof at Dawn's house, and it is stunning! She excitedly told the team about her mother's 90th birthday that was scheduled at Dawn's home this weekend. Having the roof completed in time for her mother's birthday meant a lot for Dawn. She knows her mother worries about her living in a home with a leaking roof on top of all her medical setbacks. For Dawn, the peace of mind from this project is priceless because it extends to her family as well. It eases her mother and brother's minds and provides a safe place for herself, her daughter, and her granddaughter (both live with Dawn). She certainly won't be coming home from any more surgeries with water leaking through her roof and ceiling again.

Before the crew finished the project, the Valentine Roofing team had another surprise for Dawn! Check out the video to see what the team came up with.

August 31st - Roofing System Installation

One day two of Dawn's Peace of Mind project, the crew was able to start installing the new roofing system. This system features the Owens Corning Duration Shingle® in Quarry Gray. The shingles, shingle accessories, and underlayment were generously provided by our program partners Owens Corning. A perfect match for her cool gray siding, the Quarry Gray shingles add beauty and depth to Dawn's roof that she absolutely loves.

Eliminating the outdated box vents that were previously on the roof, the crew cut open a new ridge vent today. This new system provides better airflow through Dawn's attic space. Ridge vents also provide a sleek look to any roofing system.

Dawn was home today with her dog, Gus, and her granddaughter, and appreciated the courtesy the crew showed during the second day of her project. Before removing the skylights for reflashing and installation of her new skylights, Boni let her know that debris may fall into the home. This allowed for a drop cloth to be placed below the skylight well to catch any falling debris.

Despite the unavoidable mess of any construction project, a little forethought and prep can make clean up of even the messiest project a breeze!

The crew made excellent progress today and plans to finish the roof up tomorrow. Boni and the rest of the Valentine Roofing professional roof installation crew arrived at Dawn's house today ready to kick this project off!

August 30th - Project Kick Off

The crew got right to work tearing off the old roofing material. The shingles on Dawn's old roof were worn from the elements, with visible moss growth and granule loss. This old roofing material was completely removed and placed into the dumpster. Our partners will recycle some of the old shingles and other eligible materials.

Once the old roofing material was removed, the crew set to work inspecting Dawn's plywood. Knowing the roof had an active leak, the crew looked for areas that were damaged by water penetration. Identifying plywood that was splitting and separating the crew removed the affected plywood and replaced it with new CDX plywood. This will give the new roofing system a sturdy, solid surface for exceptional roofing installation strength.

With the old roof torn off and the damaged plywood replaced, the crew is ready to start installing the new roofing system that has been provided to Dawn free of charge!

August 27th - The Project Plan

The Valentine Roofing experience team has been hard at work coming up with the right plan for Dawn's new roof. Our project partner Beacon Roofing Supply delivered the materials to her home today in anticipation of our project kickoff scheduled for Monday, August 30th. In order to repair the damage caused by the roof leak over her kitchen, our project plan includes replacing plywood as needed. Dawn's home also features three skylights. Our team will replace those with new skylights that will provide updated energy efficiency while allowing more visible light into her home. To ensure her new skylights will not leak our crew will also provide new metal flashings around the skylight curb for lasting protection against water penetration. With a plan and materials in place, our team is ready to start Dawn's project!

Connor and Aubrey from Valentine Roofing recently had the chance to catch up with Dawn before her project begins. Upon meeting Dawn, both could see why her brother Michael speaks so highly of her. Dawn is friendly and inviting, making Connor and Aubrey feel instantly welcomed. They couldn't help but notice that she also has a soft spot for animals as she discussed the baby bunnies that visit her in the backyard. In fact, a few years back, Dawn adopted a rescue dog named Gus. Much like Dawn, Gus was excited to meet the Valentine team. He warmly welcomed them into his home with a wagging tail and friendly head bump.

Dawn is deeply rooted in her Renton community. The team learned that her grandfather was actually once the Mayor of the town. Her family has clearly been the driving influence behind her love of the area. Most of her family, including her ailing mother, still live close by. Staying in her home and being close to family is very important to Dawn. 

The Valentine Roofing team took some time to evaluate the home improvement needs at Dawn's home. The ultimate goal with this project is to help keep her exactly where she wants to be, in her home. After taking a look at the roof and leaking kitchen ceiling, the team shared some project details with her. 

Dawn's Experience Manager, Aubrey, went through the project plan with Dawn, including the anticipated update to her existing RVO attic exhaust system. The roofing crew will be replacing them with a sleek ridge vent system. With the project kick-off scheduled for August 30th, Aubrey let Dawn know she will be keeping her updated with the impending logistics of her project!

Connor presented the Duration shingles in Quarry Gray to Dawn. He informed her that all shingles were generously donated to her project by Owens Corning. He then told her that new skylights and flashings for her roof have been donated by Beacon Roofing Supply. Understanding the importance of family, it is especially important to Connor that Dawn feel peace of mind in her home with a secure new roof she can depend on for years to come.

"Dawn is a 63-year old that works in the medical field as an MA in a cancer care unit for Swedish Hospital. She is loved by her co-workers and patients. In January of 2020 Dawn began having intestinal problems that resulted in 7 hospital stays and 5 surgeries. She only gets about 32+- hours a week at her job so she only received partial Family Medical leave and is currently buried in a mountain of debt due to these medical issues. With the help of her family, Dawn is pecking away at paying for everything but isn't in a position to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the foreseeable future.

Dawn is a kind and giving person that would be a deserving recipient of your very generous Neighbor for the Peace of Mind Program as her roof is currently leaking and causing the sheetrock in her kitchen to sag... I heard about your firm on the Dori Monson show and have used several of the firms that advertise on his show with excellent results. Clearly, Dori does his due diligence in selecting advertisers that can be trusted to provide great service and are great members of the community.

Best regards, Michael L Johnson"

Valentine Roofing has been providing new roofs free of charge for community members and families in need over the years through the Peace of Mind program. For us, our Peace of Mind program is the embodiment of our company’s core mission to serve and care for our neighbors. Dori Monson values community and saw a need within his own listenership for more community involvement and opportunities to give back. Wanting to expand our program to more communities throughout the region, we partnered with Dori to introduce the Peace of Mind Program to KIRO listeners, inviting this community to nominate someone they know for a new roof. Our partnership generated hundreds of nominations throughout Puget Sound for deserving people in need.

Each project is made possible through generous donations by our project partners. Thank you to all our project partners that help bring projects like Dawn's to life!

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