Happy Halloween Valentine Roofing Style

At Valentine Roofing, we take more than just roofing installations and window replacements seriously. So, when it comes to team bonding and office gatherings, you know we have to do things right. A simple potluck becomes a chili cook-off for the ages. A costume contest results in group and themed costumes.

Our chili cook-off was full of delicious chili. Almost too many to taste them all. but we all took a break from our roofing installation and window replacement projects to taste each entry and rank them by flavor. Our project engineer, Ann, is no stranger to success so it came as no surprise when we found out the winning chili was created by her!

With so many great costumes, it was hard to narrow down a vote for a number one. Two employees coming in a group-themed Super Man and Louis Lane created a nearly unfair advantage a really set the bar high. Chris and Aubrey's team commitment earned them third place. Speaking of commitment, one of our sales support specialists ran with the chili themes coming as Kevin from 'The Office' (specifically Kevin in the ill-fated chili cook-off episode). Jacob's creative idea won him second in our office contests. Our first-place winner was so dedicated to their costume, they were unrecognizable as a funny clown. While we didn't recognize Corrine in her clown costume, her consistent drive for success was definitely recognizable!

It was a great day of team bonding and fun at Valentine Roofing.

From all of us here at Valentine Roofing, happy Halloween!

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