Honoring the Spirit of Small Town Olalla, WA through the Gift of New Roof for Revival of Community Space

When we partnered with Positive Olalla Projects for our most recent Peace of Mind project, we knew we were taking on a project like nothing we had ever done before. What we didn't know was the immense impact this gift would have on the entire community of rural Olalla. After losing one of the last gathering places left in town during the pandemic, AL's Market, the community was left stunned and saddened. Our crew and project team took great pride in helping this community reclaim what was lost and rebuild a piece of their history that will shape their future.

Cody Williams worked with Gregg Olsen and Positive Olalla Projects to find out the goals for this historical site. The building itself has the original shiplap roof deck with no gutter system to speak of. Wanting to bring the space up to date while honoring the history of the building, Cody created a thoughtful project plan. New plywood would be installed over the existing shiplap and a new gutter system would seamlessly tie into the roof while providing run-off control, protecting the entire building. Wanting to highlight the surrounding scenery and compliment the spirit of the building, Cody recommended the designer color Pacific Wave. The cool blues and grays would play perfectly off the Olalla Bay in the background, especially when Mt. Rainier peaks over Vashon Island on a sunny day.

The roofing crew, led by site foreman Marcos, worked three days to complete the new roof. The crew installed new plywood over the entire roof deck providing a solid foundation for the rest of the roofing system. Ice and water shield was installed as needed to provide additional protection on the low slope roof sections. New metal flashings were also installed to provide updated protection from the elements. The new Pacific Wave shingles took this building from ho-hum to show stopper. Once the Valentine roofing crew completed the roof installation, the Valentine gutter crew, led by site foreman Irak, installed a brand new seamless aluminum gutter system, including new downspouts. The new roof and gutters will now protect this building for years to come!

During the project, it was clear that this space held a special place in many community members' hearts. Every day locals would stop by to express their gratitude, often recounting their own memories of past events and meaningful times that had taken place at the landing. This project brought to light the passionate spirit of the Olalla community. A spirit that we are glad to help keep alive for future generations!If you would like to get involved in the revitalization of the Olalla Bay Landing go to the Olalla Bay Market website to get in contact with a representative. To learn more about Positive Olalla Projects or volunteer opportunities visit the Positive Olalla Projects website.

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