How to Install New Vinyl Windows | The Right Way!

When it comes to windows, the company that installs them, and the way they are installed are extremely important. Read below to see what makes a great window installation.

Remove the old window

The proper way to remove the old window varies and depends on the existing style of install. Some windows slide right out if they have been installed into the frame pocket. However, if a window is installed using the fin the technician will need to trim back any siding, or remove any exterior trim that is covering the window’s fins. Once the siding and trim have been removed then the old window can be removed, fins and all. 

Level and Square

It is important to make sure the new window is level and square. This will ensure that the window will continue to operate properly. This can be done by using composite shims as needed to ensure the window is level and square. Unlevel windows tend to stick and become difficult to open and close over time. 

Secure the Window

The window should be secured using screws. If the window has a flange it is important to secure the window’s fin (or mounting flange) to the rough opening, exposed by trimming back siding. This will ensure the window stays level and plumb, preventing sagging and sustaining the integrity of the window construction. For a finless window (sometimes referred to a box frame window or block frame window) it is important to secure the window through the manufacturer's recommended fastener locations.

Seal the Opening

Before trimming out the new window, use a waterproof membrane to seal the new window and block water absorption.


Once the new window is installed and waterproofed, new trim should be installed around the window. The trim should feature a header that extends to the outside of the side trim rather than be cut at 45 degree angles at each corner.

Head Flashing

26 gauge, enamel coated Z metal should be used as header flashing. This will be installed beneath the siding and over top of the upper trim piece to divert water away from the window installation and home for the best protection against weather. 

Seal the finished window installation

The final step before your new windows are ready to use is to make sure any joints in the trim and siding are resealed using an exterior grade caulk. A great window installation factors in type of home, ultimate customer goals and beautiful ends results! By following these window installation steps you can rest assured your new windows will look beautiful and will last for years to come!

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