How to Know When it is Time to Replace Your Roof

Is it time to replace your current roof? Most people don’t think about replacing their roof until it’s too late and a leak has developed inside their home. If a leak has made itself visible inside the home, it likely has caused some additional damage to the roof deck itself as well as the drywall inside of the home. No one wants this to happen to their home. Before your current composite roof reaches the point of no return look for these signs that it might be time to consider a roof replacement.

First, take a moment and really look at the roof itself.

  • Does your roof have multiple layers of material?
  •  Are any of the composite shingles starting to look old and worn?
  • Are there any areas of the roof that appear to be sagging?
  • Do any of the shingles look like they are curling at the edges?
  • Are there any areas where there are low, or no, granules left on the shingles itself?
  • Can you see the paper underlayment instead of the actual shingles?
  •  Are there any areas where there are loose or missing shingles?

Any and all of these are signs that it’s time to have someone come out and look at the roof for possible repairs or replacement.

All the precipitation that we have here in the Pacific Northwest wears on your roof. Take a moment and think back to when the current roof was installed on the home. If your roof was installed before the early 2000's it might be time to have someone come and inspect the roof for a possible replacement.

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