How to Prepare Your Home For Spring

The Spring season officially kicks off tomorrow, March 20th and with it comes new weather, primarily sunnier days as well as those Spring showers that we’re all too familiar with here in Puget Sound. The fall and winter months can be especially hard on Northwest homes, sometimes revealing issues that may have not been present or easily seen before. From your new roof to gutter installations, windows, and more - there are many key elements that protect a home, keeping you and your family safe and comfortable throughout the most extreme weather conditions. As you begin to think ahead and plan your upcoming Spring projects and do the usual yearly deep clean, now is an excellent time to take a look over your home to determine if any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades are necessary to ensure your home is ready for all that Spring brings.

Other Spring Home Improvements to Consider

Freshen up Landscaping

Winter storms cause surrounding trees to drop leaves, pinecones, and branches on your lawn. Now is the perfect time to do a basic yard cleanup by trimming trees and bushes as well as raking leaves and debris. Freshening up flower beds with new bark or rock is an easy way to improve curb appeal in addition to planting new flowers or bushes. Even consider fertilizing your lawn to give it new life and growth so that it looks gorgeous and green by the time the Summer sun arrives. Performing maintenance (checking oil levels, tightening components, etc.) on landscape equipment such as a lawnmower, weed trimmer, or leaf blower ensures they’re ready to tackle all the Spring yard work projects you have in mind. 

Upgrade Deck or Porch

Before those Spring and Summer BBQs kick off it's a good idea to check your deck and porch to ensure they’re completely safe, free of rotting boards and other potential safety concerns. If you notice soggy, splintering, or cracking planks of wood as you inspect the deck, this is a strong indication that those boards are rotting and likely need to be replaced. If a deck or porch is sealed and maintained properly when installed, it should last for many years with little concern. Decks can often be repaired, re-stained, and sealed which allows for a clean uniform look while protecting the wood from the harsh  elements.  While lumber prices are at an all-time high due to supply chain issues and increased demand in the home improvement market, adding a new (16x20 foot pressure treated wooden) deck to your home can yield a return upwards of 90% on average according to HGTV. Alternatively, composite decks are another desirable option that is usually made from a high percentage of recycled materials. Products like TREX (which are made from 95% recycled materials) come at a premium price, but will last significantly longer with little to no maintenance required. Some homeowners may prefer the longevity of a composite deck over that of a wooden one with lumber prices being much higher than in previous years.

Exterior Paint

The average exterior paint job lasts about 10 years. Over the years the elements will take their toll on a home’s exterior paint causing fading, chipping, and more. If your home’s paint is beginning to show signs of wear, then it may be time to consider having it repainted. Exterior paint protects siding and other wood elements from moisture and can dramatically improve the curb appeal. Many homeowners are surprised to find that repainting their home is cost-effective and can increase overall beauty and presentation greatly. It’s usually best to hire a licensed professional painter to ensure you get the best possible results for your investment. Contact Valentine Roofing to get started on your Spring home improvements today!

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