How Women are Making Positive Impacts on the Roofing Industry

When you think of construction you don’t often think of women and that is probably because women only make up about 10% of workers in the construction industry and only about 0.5% of roofers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The real story is that women are making a positive impact in construction and roofing, inspiring other women to follow suit. In fact, construction is one of the only industries where the growth in women on the job is outpacing the national norm. Women are moving into positions within roofing and construction that they typically have not held before. This move from administrative-type positions into operations, leadership and marketing positions are helping women to shrink the pay gap at a staggering rate. Women in the roofing and construction industry can earn on average 99.1% of what men make while the U.S. average is only 81.1 %. This type of equality creates balance, allowing women to grow careers while caring for their families. 

“I chose the roofing industry as a single mom to create a career and have time with my family.” - Ann Dvorak | Project Engineer at Valentine Roofing 

With the number of women entering the roofing industry growing each year, companies are finding that recruiting and hiring more women is helping to minimize the long-term effects of labor shortages in the industry. When companies set aside preconceived notions of capability-based solely on gender the opportunities for both company and industry growth are boundless. Many companies, like Valentine Roofing, have found that hiring and promoting women within their company serves to progress and advance our industry. Innovative approaches and strong skill sets serve the women in roofing well, providing fresh perspectives in roles of leadership and field positions traditionally held by men in the past. Valentine Roofing proudly employs many women in non-traditional roles with 11.8% of their employees being women, well above the industry norm. 

“I worked hard to get into the position I am now… Operations Manager... What I'm watching happen in the industry over the last few years, women are taking more of these positions. We're breaking down barriers and we're making changes and doing it in a positive way, inspiring other women to do the same thing.” - Shamika Burkhardt | Field Operation Manager at Valentine Roofing

Women outside of the industry are even having a positive impact on roofing. Entities like the Women’s Choice Awards now include home improvement companies and brands for things like paint and roofing, encouraging women to take an active role when it comes to home improvement decisions, ultimately advancing building materials. Women have demanded a balance in both form and function of materials, like roofing shingles, requiring manufacturers to rethink their approach and produce superior products in beauty and technology.

“Women are critical influencers when it comes to the materials used in and on America’s homes.”  - Sue Burkett | Marketing Manager at Owens Corning.

Inside and outside the industry, women are having a positive impact on roofing, inspiring each other along with the entire industry! 

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