Achieve your Modern Farmhouse Dreams with a Metal Combo Roof

Home Improvement trends are always evolving as our tastes and preferences change. In sync with the rise of the popularity of farmhouse design style, metal roofing has been making a comeback as a preferred roofing material in recent years. Unfortunately, the cost of metal roofing can be prohibitive for some home improvement budgets. To get the look and feel of a metal roof without the exorbitant costs, many homeowners and builders have opted to use a combination of roofing materials (combo metal roof) using standing seam metal panels to highlight architectural features like dormers and porch covers. As a budget-friendly option that realizes the goals and design aspirations of homeowners, combo roofs are growing in popularity. You can expect to see more of these combo metal roofs installed around your neighborhoods! 

Our team just completed a beautiful new composite/metal roof combo roof in Orting, WA for the Gleason family. When they purchased their home several years back, the original cedar shake roof was over 20 years old and in need of an upgrade. They recently decided to move forward with their roof replacement and rather than simply going with the most traditional option, they opted to make a bold statement by choosing a composite roof and metal roof combination. Adding metal accents over a home’s porch, dormers, or other key areas is a great way to add a unique accent that will make a home stand out from the rest. Pairing the classic look of a composite shingle with the modern flare of metal panels makes for a stunning combination that’s becoming increasingly popular here in the Northwest.

The Gleason’s chose the Black Sable shingle from the Duration Designer® line by Owens Corning for the top portion of their new roof. The shingles in the designer line offer intense vibrancy and high contrast - this shingle truly is a statement. In addition, the Duration shingle provides increased protection from the elements and features SureNail® Technology, 130 MPH wind resistance, and an exceptional product warranty. For the dormers and porch section of the roof, they went with the 26 gauge, 16-inch striated SoundLok standing seam metal panels in Dark Bronze by Sound Building Supply, our local partners in metal roofing. These metal roof panels provide exceptional protection from the weather here in the Pacific Northwest while adding a modern flair that increases the curb appeal of any home. Metal roofing systems by Valentine Roofing are lightweight, 100% recyclable, and come with a 50-year product warranty. In addition to the new composite shingles and metal roofing panels, we installed new CDX plywood on the roof deck along with Titanium X-30 underlayment. We also replaced all of the vents, flashings, and accessories with new black components to match the new roof color. The Gleason’s modern farmhouse style home now stands out boldly, whilst still having a welcoming and “homey” aesthetic.

There are nearly endless options today when looking to replace your home’s roof. Composite roof, metal roof, and pvc roof materials are all excellent options and have their unique advantages depending on the type of home you live in. If you’re planning and envisioning your own roof replacement, we have a team of experts that are committed to giving you the best customer service experience in the residential roofing industry. Our team will answer any and all questions you may have and will help to guide you throughout the entire process from design to installation while making it as smooth and stress-free as possible. Valentine Roofing will help bring the vision you have for your home to life.

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