Moss and Algae are not your Roof's Friend

Moss and algae will greatly reduce the life of your roofing material. Moss holds water and excessive moisture will prematurely break down the organic material in your roof shingles eventually causing cracking. Algae actually feeds on the organic material in the roof and will escalate granule loss and eventual shingle break down. Nip these roof issues in the bud with regular roof cleanings to make sure you get the optimal life from your roof.

The best way to properly clean your composition roof is to gently agitate existing moss to result in about 80% physical removal of moss. A non pressurized air system can be used to remove agitated moss along with other roof debris, such as leaves, small sticks, needles and more. Don't forget to remove debris and build up from the gutter system as well to prevent a back up of water and leaking into the home.

Once the moss has been agitated, debris has been removed from the roof and gutter system, a treatment should be applied to continue to fight against as well as prevent future moss and algae growth. A final grounds clean up will be made easy work of if plastic sheeting is laid down before this process begins. Below are some pictures of some of our recent roof cleaning projects. Check out our process!  

  roof maintenance before gutters  roof maintenance after gutters

Before/ After

 roof maintenance roof after



Clean up

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