New House Windows Made Easy

When it comes to new house windows there are often a lot of questions. When do I need to replace my windows? How much does window replacement cost? Which type of window is best for my home? We break it down for you and give you the ins and outs of new house windows.

When do I need to REPLACE MY WINDOWS?

It can be difficult to determine when your house might need a window replacement. And if you have lived there for a long time you might even convince yourself that the signs of aging you are noticing can be put off or ignored. There are five tell-tale ways to know that is indeed time to replace those old windows.

If you feel a draft when walking into a room, chances are your window seals are failing. This can be caused by improper installation, settling foundations, cracked frames or a lack of maintenance. Condensation is another sign that something is failing on your windows. Another indicator is foggy windows. Fogging between window glass panes is not just ugly, but often means either the window seal is damaged or a window pane has a crack in it. Sticking windows is often a result of aging windows and can be a real safety hazard in your home. Decaying frames are often caused by exposure over time and are usually present on older windows.

If you are noticing any one of these signs with your windows is it a sure sign to call a window installer and schedule your new house windows today.

How to Narrow Down Your Choices?

Like many things, window options are endless. Let's take a look at the different materials, operation types and colors to get a good idea of what your options are.

Frame Materials

Window frames are most commonly made from four different materials. Wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Of the four options, there is one option that leads the pack in many ways. Vinyl windows provide a long-lasting window with little required maintenance. Vinyl is often overlooked as unsustainable but when you consider the entire manufacturing process vinyl is a great sustainable option. In addition, vinyl offers superior energy efficiency along with incredible value with returns on cost often exceeding 90%.  When comparing window material types it is easy to see why vinyl is often the top choice and is the most popular choice for window replacements in the Northwest.

To Open or Not To Open Your Windows

Windows can either be fixed or operable, meaning they either open or they don't. Most window replacement projects exchange windows like for like when it comes to operation. Unless you request to make a change, which is not uncommon when updating old windows for new house windows.

Fixed windows are often referred to as picture windows. They do not open but remain fixed in place. You will often find these types of windows in hallways, entryways, and living spaces. These windows are solely used to let light into the home. They also offer the widest variety of shapes of sizes.

Operable windows open in many ways. These types of windows are often used as safety egress points or ventilation. Operable windows include sliding windows. These windows slide open and closed either right or left while one window pane remains fixed. Sliding windows can include one sliding pane or two sliding panes with one fixed pane in the middle. Single-hung windows slide up and down with one fixed window pane while double-hung windows allow both panes to slide up and down. Both casement and awning windows utilize a crank to open the window. Operable windows are often found in bedrooms for safety egress or high moisture rooms like the kitchen and bathroom to aid in the ventilation process. The way a window opens can change the overall feel of a home as well. So consider window operation style when replacing your windows.

Versatile Style

Windows create a great opportunity to update the look of your home with just a few easy choices. Vinyl windows offer a range of colors, including the ever-present white to trendier choices like bronze and black. In addition to frame color, window grids offer an easy way to elevate the entire window and create a cohesive style by choosing the right pattern for your home. These grids and colors can mimic the look of traditional wood without the headache of extensive maintenance. If you want to update the look of your home and move toward something more modern vinyl offers several options to achieve that. No matter what your end goal is, new house windows can help you get there.


There is no set number for how much a window replacement will cost. However, there are a variety of factors that contribute to cost. Frame materials vary in cost. Aluminum is the least expensive while wood or fiberglass is the most expensive option. The size of the window, window operation, and color of the window will also play a role in the project's overall cost.

There are two types of installation to consider as well. A contractor may utilize retrofit installation. Leaving the existing window casing intact and securing the window by the frame itself. Or a full-frame replacement might be performed by removing the trim and casing from the window and securing the new window using nailing fins. A retro install is less invasive but may not always be the best choice. When it comes to cost, it is always best to get real numbers. Any reputable window installation company will happily provide a free estimate along with a comprehensive installation plan. Most contractors can find a way to work within your budget or help you set a realistic expectation for one.

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