Owens Corning Duration FLEX

The Owens Corning Duration FLEX™ shingle is the most superior shingle in the roofing market. Developed to be a tougher more durable shingle, Duration FLEX™ was designed using a proprietary blend of SBS polymer asphalt. This technology provides exceptional flexibility which minimizes granule loss through expansion and contraction. Featuring better defense against UV rays, these shingles provide all-around better protection for homes in the Northwest. 

  • Highest impact rating available
  • 42% better nail pull-resistance. 
  • 130 MPH standard Wind Warranty
  • 10% stronger tear strength
  • Only SBS shingle with SureNail technology

Now, with expanded color selections, you never have to choose between form and function. The Duration FLEX™ is available in the TruDefinition color line. Every shingle is unique yet timeless and blends both complementary and contrasting color palettes seamlessly. These expertly procured colors add curb appeal and visual interest to any roof making the Duration FLEX™ shingle the most well rounded shingle available today!  For superior protection and beauty ask your estimator about using the Owens Corning Duration FLEX™  shingle on your roofing project.


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