Peace of Mind Program Provides Free Roof to Devoted Marysville Missionaries

We recently completed a full roof replacement in Marysville, WA, for a local couple who received dozens of community nominations for a free roof through our Peace of Mind Program. The couple, Ron and Therese Smith are a staple in their community volunteering their time and skills to help friends and neighbors through the years. As active members of their church, the Smiths completed three service missions to three extraordinary countries, Uruguay, the Philippines, and Uganda. During their missions, they provided support and other necessary services to the local communities. Anyone who knows Ron and Therese will attest to their giving nature.

After saving for many years the couple was able to purchase a home in Marysville, WA. The home required some work, so Ron set to work using his skills, from years in the trades, to make their house a home. He renovated the fireplace after moving in and made repairs around the home, including some emergency roof repairs to stop a leak. During his renovations, he discovered an area of mold on the sunroom ceiling. This led to the discovery of mold in the attic. A problem Ron was not able to tackle on his own. Using the money that the couple had saved to replace the roof, Ron and Therese hired a company to abate the mold and resolve the problems in the attic. Without the funds to replace the roof, the couple prayed their need for a new roof would be fulfilled somehow.

Valentine Roofing, along with our expertly skilled roofers, was able to answer the call, stopping the leak permanently. We installed a complete roofing system that would accommodate the needs of the Smith home. After repairing the water-damaged roof deck, we installed Titanium X-30, a fully synthetic, technologically advanced roofing underlayment, designed specifically for the Northwest. The shingles we installed are the Owens Corning 2020 shingle color of the year, Pacific Wave.

This shingle is a beautiful blend of grays and blues and pairs perfectly with the couples' freshly painted home. To address the issues that stemmed from the low slope roof section, the crew installed a PVC roofing membranePVC roofing is the perfect product for areas where water accumulates. For the best gutter installation, the crew replaced a few runs of fascia board before attaching an entirely new gutter system complete with new downspouts.

The shingles, shingle accessories, and roofing underlayment were generously donated by Owens Corning. Beacon Roofing Supply donated the PVC roof membrane, PVC accessories, and metal flashings used in the new roof system. Service Partners donated the gutter metal, along with the downspouts. The project dumpster was provided by Hungry Buzzard. Generous donations from all our project partners made this project possible, providing the Smiths with a new roof, FREE of charge.

Do you know someone in your community in need of a new roof? Nominate them today for our next Peace of Mind project!

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