Peace of Mind: Free Roof Replacement in Lake Forest Park, WA for the Vander Ploeg's

We recently installed a new Peace of Mind roof for a very deserving couple in Lake Forest Park, Washington. Bill and Leanne were nominated by a family friend for the program. Christine knew that with mounting medical bills coupled with Bill's advancing medical condition the couple would not be in a position to replace their aging roof which has started leaking over the past year. 

The roof, 34 years old now, was originally installed by Bill along with Leanne's brother. Bill diligently maintained the roof, and the rest of the house as labor of love for his family. He removed moss and debris as well as cleaned the gutters out three times every year until he was no longer able to. 

Bill was diagnosed with ALS after visiting 10 different doctors and spending years looking for answers to what had been happening to him. He had spent his career as a driver for Seattle Metro, following his passion for driving, when a few years ago he started noticing some tingling and dexterity loss in his hands. Once he received his diagnosis he was forced to retire from driving and his passion. It was not long after his diagnosis that Bill lost the use of his hands and arms completely. No longer able to work or maintain their home the way he always had left Bill and Leanne wondering how they were going to replace their now failing roof. 

We spent 4 days to complete the entire Peace Of Mind roofing project. The roofing crew removed the old roofing material, laid down new CDX plywood decking over the existing shiplap and installed new Owens Corning Duration Shingles in Desert Tan. Our roofing crew replaced the home's fascia which had rotted over time with exposure to the elements. The new fascia provided a great backdrop for the couple's new gutter system. A much needed upgrade from the old leaking gutters. We updated the ventilation to current building codes and installed new PVC material over the utility room in the back of the house. As an added surprise the crew re-roofed the children's playhouse outback bringing the building back to life along with the rest of Bill and Leanne's home! 

The entire project was made possible by our project partners. Owens Corning donated the shingles and shingle accessories for the project. ABC Supply Company generously gifted the flashings, plywood and underlayment for the new roof. The metal coils for the new gutter system were supplied free of charge by Service Partners and Hungry Buzzard provided the waste container as well as all disposal costs. Without these generous contributions this project would not have been possible. Thank you to all our project partners for helping to make this project for Bill and Leanne a reality!

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