Peace of Mind Program Brings Holiday Cheer to Local Bus Driver and Family

We recently completed a full roof replacement in Puyallup, WA, for a local family affected by COVID. We first learned of Stephanie and her family after she was nominated for a new roof replacement through our Peace of Mind program by fellow Puyallup School District bus driver Sarah. As a driver, Stephanie brings a positive outlook and caring nature to her route. She takes the time to connect with each child so she can learn how to best support each one individually. Her unique brand of genuine care for others extends to her fellow drivers and drove her to join her union board to better support drivers currently navigating through COVID restrictions and subsequent furloughs. Unfortunately, she also found herself in the same boat as many other bus drivers around the region directly affected by the switch to virtual learning. Stephanie’s husband Brandon also felt the effects of COVID in his position with many of his hours being cut at UPS.

We were delighted to include this family in our Peace of Mind program! The project took 7 days to complete with several twists along the way. Knowing the family had a leak in one bedroom, our crew, led by site foreman Nicholas, was ready to replace some plywood. However, once the old shingles were removed the roofers uncovered that the previous installers used a ‘deck protect’ product as an ice and water barrier, a product not recommended for roofs. To ensure the roof installation would exceed manufacturer requirements the roofing crew set to work removing the ‘deck protect’, and the old plywood along with it.

Our supplier, Stoneway Roofing Supply, was able to donate and deliver all new plywood for the install that same day. Now that is service! After the plywood was removed from the rooftop, Nicholas and his crew identified an issue with the ventilation on the upper roof caused by the insulation that was blocking the soffit intake and subsequent airflow. We were unable to previously identify the issue because this portion of the roof does not have a true attic space. To alleviate the problem, and prevent future moisture build-up, mold and mildew, the professional roofers installed new baffles for adequate airflow and a true balanced ventilation system.

With the ventilation corrected and all new plywood in place the crew installed new Owens Corning ice and water shield directly to the new roof deck, then installed new Duration Flex® shingles and new ridge shingles (all generously donated by Owens Corning for the project). The Flex shingles were chosen because of the patented technology that keeps the shingles pliable and flexible even in the most frigid of temperatures. This ensures a great install during the cold Puget Sound winter months and results in fewer waste from broken shingles. We installed an ice and water shield because of the low slope of the family’s roof to better protect against future leaking from the low slope of the family’s roof. The crew completed the roof using PVC to reline the built-in gutter system ensuring the gutters will last as long as the new roof.

Completing the system with new scuppers that attached to the existing downspouts, the gutters were ready for the next rain. The crew finished the project with much-needed repairs to the carport including re-sloping the roof for proper water drainage as well as a new PVC membrane along with a new rain chain and water basin to keep water from dripping off the edges and leaking through the carport. 

With construction completed we were ready to provide the family with a few final holiday surprises from all of us at Valentine Roofing.

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