Peace of Mind Program Gifts New Roof to Beloved Newcastle Couple of Cyndi's Place

We recently completed a full roof replacement in Newcastle, WA, for a local couple that run an in-home childcare service. We first learned of Cyndi’s Place and the Nelsons after they were nominated by several families who use their service. As a caregiver, Cyndi provides an invaluable resource to the families in her May Creek community. Cyndi’s Place offered unprecedented flexibility during the pandemic allowing for extended hours, schedule adjustments, rate adjustments and more in order to better serve the families and ultimately the children in her care. Her husband Danny, who retired early due to disability, happily supports Cyndi in her vision for inclusive, nurturing and engaging childcare. The two work together to run this community treasure that has positively impacted families in the area for decades.

We are beyond honored to welcome Danny and Cyndi to our Peace of Mind Program. The project took 4 days to complete and required several repairs to the roof decking before the crew could install the new roof. The crew, led by Site Foreman Cervando, repaired the roof deck around the chimney which had begun to fail after several years of water penetration. Two other sections that had previously leaked and showed signs of water damage were also repaired by the crew. A structural beam on the carport had been compromised, so the project manager, Bruno, set to work tracking down the hard to find a 22LF 2x9 beam. Once the roof and carport were repaired the crew was ready to install!

New metal flashings and accessories along with a single-ply roofing membrane and matching components were donated for this project by our partner ABC Supply. The membrane was used to reroof the flat roof on the carport. This material is mechanically fastened to the roof deck then heat welded, using hot air rather than open flames, to seal the membrane creating one waterproof piece that covers the entire roof area. This type of roofing material is perfect for flat roofs in the Northwest. Custom cap metal was created just for this carport to ensure that the carport was watertight!  

The new roofing system was completed with a new 5K gutter system and accompanying 2x3 downspouts. The gutter material was donated by Service Partners for this project. The color musket brown was used to highlight the new roofing color and provided beautiful depth to the home’s aesthetic. These new gutters replaced the previous system that had begun to pull away from the fascia and sag in some areas. With construction completed, we were ready to provide Cyndi’s Place and all her kids with a final gift from everyone at Valentine Roofing...

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