Peace of Mind Program Provides Free Roof and More to Spanaway Native

We recently completed our largest Peace of Mind project to date, for a Spanaway local. Holly was first introduced to us by her sister Elizabeth when she was nominated for our program. We quickly learned that Holly is a giver, always putting others before herself and often having to find ways to adapt with less so that those around her can have more. Her family says she will gladly give the shirt off her back, even if it was her last. She is an avid animal lover, often rescuing stray cats and participating in a local spay and neuter program for feral cats. She has always been a hard worker and loyal employee working at her local Franz Bakery Outlet in Spanaway, WA for almost two decades, making ends meet even in the most difficult of times. Unfortunately, her budget has not always allowed for major home repairs, but Holly has found ways to make temporary solutions last.

We partnered with other local companies eager to help out this Spanaway native to complete our project that went well beyond roofing! Starting with the roof, our seasoned crew, led by site foreman Alex, removed the old roofing material and began to make much-needed repairs to the damaged roof deck caused by years of leaking. Once the new plywood was in place we began installing a new roofing system complete with 26 gauge metal flashing to avoid future water damage in leak-prone areas, like Holly’s valley. The water damage extended to her porch soffit and fascia required some repairs in those areas as well. The crew took 3 days to completely overhaul Holly’s roof, featuring the Duration® shingle in Driftwood and a new glass skylight. Our partners Stoneway Roofing Supply and Owens Corning donated all needed materials to complete the new roof.During our initial walkthrough, we noticed that Holly’s flooring was missing in her living areas due to carpet damage, her garage door had seen better days, and that she was using space heaters as her main form of heat.

We could not leave her home without making sure that her home was complete with proper flooring, secure with a new garage door, and comfortable with a safe and reliable form of heat in a new furnace system. Luckily we had two amazing local companies partner with us for this project that wanted to give back to their local community. Door Pro America graciously donated a new garage door and opener system while Expert Air Control donated a completely new furnace system to Holly. 

While we got work with the new luxury vinyl flooring installed inside Holly’s home, Expert Air Control got to work in the garage upgrading the old furnace system that had not worked since 2006. The installation crew from Expert Air Control in Puyallup, WA started by removing the old furnace. The expert technician custom fabricated new duct boxes to fit Holly’s existing ductwork into her new furnace. The owner of Expert Air Control, Rick, donated a brand new LENNOX SL280. This furnace is an 80% two-stage variable-speed gas furnace and is the best 80% gas furnace LENNOX makes. Expert Air Control also provided a new NEST thermostat making home comfortability a breeze for Holly!Once Holly’s home was protected and warm our friends at Door Pro America arrived to install Holly’s new garage door adding more security to her home. Her old door was starting to fall apart and had a hole in one of the panels. Door Pro America donated a new AMAR insulated garage door along with a Lift Master garage door opener, two remotes, and a new keypad for a complete garage door system. Two installers worked most of the day removing the old door and installing the new system, ensuring Holly’s home was secure!

Thank you to all our partners for your generous donations that helped bring this project to life and helped bring peace of mind to Holly and her home!

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