Process of Getting a New Roof

Making a decision to have a new roof put on your home isn’t easy. Seeing these during pictures of this home is a great way to visualize the process. This is a home reroofed by Valentine in Bothell. You can see the steps that were taken to get to the beautiful final product. You can also see the extensive steps we take to insure that all crew members are safe and that there isn’t any damage to the home.

Bonordn-Tear-off-1  Bonordn-Tear-off-2

The Valentine Roofing Logo Experience

The Valentine Experience is defined by seamless communication, meticulous cleanup, and always going the extra mile for our customers.

  • Seamless Communication: Communication is key, and our dedicated service staff keeps you appraised every step of the way.
  • Meticulous Clean-Up: Once the work is completed, our meticulous cleanup process will leave your property looking better than we found it.
  • Going the Extra Mile: We’re here to deliver exceptional results through outstanding customer service, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.