RCAW Recognizes Valentine Roofing in the Summer 2021 Rooftop Review

The RCAW was founded in 1965 as a support system to help grow and improve the roofing industry in Washington state. The RCAW provides education, perspective, and enrichment activities for roofing contractors across the state in an effort to help all roofing companies find success in their market. Each quarter the RCAW publishes an industry newsletter that covers various roofing topics, project features, as well as a member spotlight. Valentine Roofing is featured twice in the summer 2021 edition of the RCAW Rooftop Review. The member spotlight is a prestigious honor only provided to four roofing companies each year. It highlights the origin and mission of the roofing company. This summer the RCAW featured Valentine Roofing as their member spotlight. The article dove into the driving force behind Connor Valentine and Valentine Roofing. That driving force? Simply put, trust. 

“When deciding on a company name, the conversation kept coming back to the idea of trust. Trust inherently goes hand in hand with transparency and honesty. What’s more transparent than using my own name, Valentine, for the company.”

That same driving force has helped Valentine Roofing evolve into the company you see today. The article looks into the evolution of Valentine Roofing and how it has positively impacted roofing. 

“The original goal at Valentine Roofing was to take great care of our customers and provide an outstanding experience for them. As we have grown as a company our mission has certainly evolved. Now it is about serving and caring for our neighbors, which goes beyond just our customers. Our neighbors are the people we work with like our vendors, our industry partners, and our employees. Our neighbors are also the people we live with, our community as a whole. While we still take great care of our customers, we also take great care of our industry and our community!”

The summer 2021 edition of the RCAW Rooftop Review also features one of Valentine Roofing’s community service projects. The Peace of Mind program first caught the attention of the RCAW in 2019 and even served as a small inspiration behind the RCAW’s own service program, the Basic Shelter Project. The article recounts the project completed by Valentine Roofing in February of 2021 for Spanaway native, Holly. Joined by other local contractors who were also inspired by the program, this Valentine Roofing Peace of Mind project provided Holly with several necessary home improvements. 

“During the initial walkthrough, Valentine Roofing realized that Holly’s needs went well beyond roofing. The flooring was missing in her living areas due to carpet damage. Her garage door was failing and damaged. Holly had been without a working furnace since 2006. Space heaters were her main form of heat. Valentine Roofing partnered with a local HVAC company as well as a local garage door company for Holly’s Peace of Mind project to ensure that all of her needs would be met."

This project saw an entire community rally together to help one of their own in need.

It is an honor to be featured in this summer’s edition of Rooftop Review and especially humbling to be featured twice. Thank you to RCAW for helping us to achieve one of our longstanding goals at Valentine Roofing.  To create a long-lasting, positive impact by providing exceptional work and peace of mind for all our neighbors throughout Puget Sound.

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