Prevent, Defend, Extend the Life of Your Roof

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the harsh outside elements. With November in the Puget Sound bringing increased rain, wind, and colder temperatures - it’s essential to ensure your roof is performing optimally. If left unmaintained moss, leaves, and debris will wreak havoc on a perfectly healthy roofing system, causing damage that is otherwise preventable with routine roof maintenance and care from a professional roofing contractor such as Valentine Roofing. A clean roof, gutters, and downspouts free of clogs will ensure the best possible performance while directing water off of your roof, away from your home, and to the ground below. Gutters that are free of debris prevent overflow and water damage to your home’s siding, foundation, as well as landscaping. Your roof, gutters, and ventilation work in tandem as a complete system to protect your home, keep you dry and maintain comfortable temperatures in the warmest and coldest months

Our team recently helped the Swanson’s get their composition roof ready for the fall/winter months with an annual roof and gutter cleaning service. After a year of rain and wind, it was apparent that moss and algae had begun to form on and around the composite shingles on the Swanson’s roof. Moss and algae growth can disrupt and lift shingles, allowing water to find its way in. If moss and algae are left unmaintained, they will continue to grow and can cause irreversible damage to your roof material, decking, and more. Keeping your roof free of these will prevent premature aging of materials and an early roof replacement due to a leak or failure. Sticks, pine cones, and needles had also accumulated on the Swanson’s shingles and begun to form a layer over the moss growth, especially in areas with dense tree coverage. When plant debris accumulates for a prolonged period of time shingles and other material layers can become saturated with moisture, leading to leaks and water damage to roof decking and more.

The Swanson’s gutters and downspouts were full of leaves, needles, and pollen cones which were blocking water from flowing efficiently. Overflow and backups often lead to damaged roof decking, siding, landscaping, and even a home’s foundation. Clear gutters and downspouts ensure water flows efficiently and defends against damage to your home. 
To prepare the Swanson’s roof for fall and winter weather, our roof maintenance technician first inspected their roof for any signs of leaks, penetrations, or areas of concern. The 8-year-old composite roof is still performing beautifully and looking fantastic once clean. Moss and algae were removed by gently agitating and scrubbing with a roof brush which safely removes plant growth without damaging asphalt shingles, metal panels, or PVC membrane.

Some roofers will use a pressure washer to clean a roof and in turn cause severe and irreparable damage and premature aging. Pressure washing a composition roof removes shingle granules, can cause shingles to lift resulting in leaks, and essentially shortens the lifespan of your roof. Once any organic growth and plant debris were removed, pressurized air was used to blow off any remaining organic matter and debris.
Once the roof has been fully cleaned, gutters are cleared of any and all leaves, pine needles, and pollen cones. All downspouts were then checked and cleared of blockages that could cause backups and overflow. If there’s any pertinent damage, it's recorded so that recommendations can be made if a repair or replacement of the home’s gutters is needed.

In this case, the Swanson’s seamless aluminum gutters were still performing flawlessly once cleared of debris. A moss killing and preventative treatment was then applied to the Swanson’s shingles, covering critical areas like the ridges, hips, saddle, and valleys. Once the treatment is applied, a white powdery coat will be seen over areas of the roof, until rain carries it down the roof covering the shingles as the treatment mixes with rainwater over time.
Many Pacific Northwest roofs are in excellent condition but are in need of routine cleaning and annual maintenance to ensure their long term efficiency and longevity for the years to come.

Protecting your investment of a roof is just as important as the investment itself. A yearly roof cleaning service or routine roof maintenance plan from a local Seattle residential roofing contractor such as Valentine Roofing will prepare your roof to tackle the elements while preventing damage and extending its life. 
If your roof is in need of a one-time cleaning service or you’re interested in our annual roof maintenance plan, contact Valentine Roofing today for a fast and free estimate. 

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