Roof Replacement in Seattle Washington

Orna knew it was time for a new roof on her Seattle home. So she reached out to her trusted maintenance man for a referral. He proudly sent her the direction of Valentine Roofing. Orna let her estimator, John, Know about some trouble areas on her roof that she wanted to be addressed. John was able to put together a comprehensive plan for her roof along with recommendations for ongoing maintenance. Orna was impressed with Johns's knowledge and honesty.

Orna's Seattle roofing project was unique, but our crew was up for the challenge. Her roof deck was in need of repairs so our crew began by replacing damaged sections of her roof deck first. The updates were necessary as some parts of the roof were previously installed improperly. Once the roof deck was repaired the site foreman and crew began installing the new roof system. The project called for updates to the attic ventilation changing the exhaust vents from old attic box vents to a sleek ridge vent system.

Removing the old box vents leaves holes in the deck behind which are patched using a special material called Smart Plugs. Smart Plugs are a fast, easy and secure way to close old vent holes when updating your attic ventilation. The estimator created a new roof system featuring the Owens Corning Oakridge shingles to meet all the customer's goals, including the budget. Once her project was completed Orna made sure to share her experience with us.

"My experience with Valentine Roofing was positive and excellent from start to finish. My roofing project was complicated by having to work with a separate carpentry specialist to repair rotting sections of rafters, soffits, and more. Valentine Roofing put in the extra effort and necessary flexibility to effectively coordinate with the specialty carpentry company and work with them, shouldering the responsibility for this coordination while keeping me informed daily. They demonstrated high level professionalism in every way and made the project a very positive experience ."

With the new roof completed, this Seattle home is ready for our next fall storm!

The Valentine Roofing Logo Experience

The Valentine Experience is defined by seamless communication, meticulous cleanup, and always going the extra mile for our customers.

  • Seamless Communication: Communication is key, and our dedicated service staff keeps you appraised every step of the way.
  • Meticulous Clean-Up: Once the work is completed, our meticulous cleanup process will leave your property looking better than we found it.
  • Going the Extra Mile: We’re here to deliver exceptional results through outstanding customer service, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.