Seamless Gutters Projects in Snohomish and King County

Gutter systems in the Northwest have to be able to withstand, on average, 184 days and 90 inches of precipitation throughout the year. In Puget Sound, we count on our gutter systems to protect our home's roof, siding, and foundation from costly damages. Most gutter systems can be expected to last about 20 years. This means that if it is time to replace your roof, chances are, it is also time to replace your guttersNew aluminum gutters are a beautiful, low-maintenance, efficient choice for all homes here in the Pacific Northwest.

Our customer in Marysville, WA needed her new gutters to be easy to maintain. Her old gutters often logged after a storm, with leaves and other debris from surrounding trees. After learning about gutter downspout clean-out boxes as an option, our customer chose to include them in her new gutter system. The access door on the downspout allows for easy clean out of leaves, needles, pine cones, and other debris that often clog downspouts. Now, with an easy way to keep her gutter system working at optimal performance, our customer is ready for the next Northwest autumn.

Some customers look for form over function. One customer in Seattle, WA wanted the best of both worlds. After seeing his options, he opted for the rich color contrast provided by musket brown gutters and downspouts. 5k gutters are a traditional size for homes here in the Northwest and are a great option for small to medium-sized roofs with no tree surround.

Our customer in Snohomish County needed to upgrade her gutter system to handle the heavy rainfall she gets at her home. Updating her gutters to a new 6k aluminum gutter system, featuring 3 x 4 downspouts, gave this customer the protection her home needed. With 40% more water capacity this system is designed for areas with heavy rainfall. The larger downspout allows more debris to pass through the system without clogging, great for areas with tree cover, like this home in North Puget Sound.

Whether you are looking for gutters to replace your worn system, update the look of your home or improve your home's protection from the Northwest elements, Valentine Roofing can recommend the right gutter system for your home's needs!

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