Signs That Your Roof Needs to be Cleaned

Spring has sprung, which means homeowners are headed outside to start getting their home’s exterior in order for summer BBQs and evening fires. Spring also means that it may be time to have your roof cleaned and inspectedRoof maintenance will not only keep your home looking its best, but it will protect your home from damage often caused by organic debris and moss build-up. If your roof is less than 20 years old but is looking a little worn after this last winter season you should consider having your roof professionally cleaned. Elongate the life of your roof.  Check out our easy guide to find out if your roof may need cleaning this spring!



Moss and lichen are prominent in the Northwest and can grow on shingles, rooting into the shingles themselves. Each root creates a small channel for water to penetrate into and eventually through the shingle often times affecting the seal taht binds shingles together as well. If left unchecked it will eventually lead to a leaking roof. Since moss loves to hold water it will help create a perfect environment for black algae to grow. Remove moss from your roof to keep your roof beautiful and functional.

Black Algae

Black algae thrives in a moist environment, like Puget Sound. The algae leaves unsightly black streaks and darker shingles on your roof, hence the name, and feeds off the asphalt in your shingle. As the asphalt breaks down the shingles will begin to fail soaking in UV rays rather than reflecting them and allowing water to penetrate the shingles. Black algae can cut the life of a roof in half in some cases and should be treated before it begins to spread. 

Roof Debris

Debris on the roof invites bacteria and other organisms to grow and thrive. Wind and rain will bring debris down into the gutter system eventually clogging the gutters leading to damage to more than just your roof!

Clogged Gutters

The sole purpose of a gutter system is to catch water from the rooftop and provide an avenue for water to safely disperse onto the ground protecting the roof, siding and foundation of the home. Clogged gutters allow water to backflow causing water damage and rot on fascia boards, soffits, and even roof-deck. An overflowing gutter system will allow water to run down siding and onto the foundation often damaging siding over time as well as the foundation of the home. You can see that all of these issues can cause damage alone but often lead to other issues creating a situation hazardous to your entire home.

Protect your investment, get the most out of your roof and keep your home looking beautiful with a fast and effective roof cleaning. A Valentine Roofing cleaning always begins with moss removal and debris removal from the roof and gutters followed by a roof moss and algae treatment to kill existing growth and prevent new growth. Complete with before and after photos, along with a comprehensive roof inspection report, you will see the difference and get peace of mind that your roof is ready for all that summer brings. If you notice any of these signs that you may need a roof cleaning, contact us today for your free estimate and to get your home on our roof cleaning and roof maintenance schedule!

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