Solar Panels and Roofing Working Together

Do Solar Panels Work in the Northwest?

Solar panels are gaining in popularity around Puget Sound despite the common myth that they just aren't effective in the Pacific Northwest. Cooler average temperatures here contribute to the overall power production with solar panels. Even on the rainiest and cloudiest days, solar panels in the northwest still generate electricity. Low annual snowfall amounts mean fewer days with snow cover, further contributing to the efficiency of the panels. Other rebates and benefits, coupled with the efficiency of the panels in mild climates, certainly make solar panels an attractive upgrade for any homeowner in the Northwest.

Benefits of Solar Energy

There are many benefits to incorporating solar energy into any home. The most talked about benefit of adding solar energy is a lower overall utility bill. Solar replaces or greatly reduces the need for electric usage. Reducing energy bills by up to $30,000 over the lifetime of the panel.  Many utility companies also offer Net Metering, where homeowners can earn credits for excess energy created that is returned to the grid. Local and Federal entities also offer tax credits, grants, and other incentives that often offset the upfront costs of solar installation for homeowners. The addition of a panel system can even increase the overall value of the home. With the list of benefits long, it is no wonder why solar panels are growing in popularity in the Pacific Northwest.

The Right ROOFING Matters

Solar technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Not only are solar panels more efficient, but they are also longer lasting and more durable. With panels lasting upwards of 25 years and longer in most cases, it is important to make sure the roof that is supporting the panels is just as long-lasting and durable. Contractors often recommend installing a new roof at the same time to ensure that panels won't need to be removed prematurely for the installation of a new roof. Composition shingles that have a lifetime of over 20 years, like Owens Corning Duration shingles, are durable and beautiful, making them a great choice for solar panel installation. Another great choice is standing seam metal panels. Both options provide the longevity and durability needed to adequately support solar panels for the entirety of their life. The right roof will ensure you get the most out of your panel system installation.

Contractors Working Together

The roof installation is just as crucial as the solar panel installation. Depending on the type of roof material, anchors for the panel system may need to be installed during the roof installation. When that happens it is imperative that the roofing contractor and the solar energy contractor work together for seamless results. Valentine Roofing often works hand in hand with local energy contractors to bring customer solar panel goals to life. If you are thinking about solar, contact Valentine Roofing! As part of your solar team, our Valentine Roof will support the life of your panel system.

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