Titanium X-30 is The Northwest's Best New Fully Synthetic Underlayment

With time and advancements to technology, roofing underlayment has evolved and become increasingly safer and more efficient. Underlayment began with traditional felt and tar paper which was prone to easily drying out, often tore when walked on, absorbed water which made it heavy, and was susceptible to heat and UV rays. When synthetics options began to be developed and produced, they had better strength to protect from tearing but were often slick and dangerous to walk on, creating safety concerns for roofers. Synthetic underlayments were often lighter in weight but required specific fasteners making installation more difficult and limiting its use. The hybrid underlayment was born to best combine the tear strength of a synthetic material with the walkability of the traditional paper underlayment. This type of underlayment was adopted as the standard for Northwest roofing and is widely installed throughout the region. Now technology has advanced even further with the development of a brand new type of synthetic underlayment from Owens Corning in collaboration with Valentine Roofing. Titanium X-30 is the most advanced and efficient synthetic underlayment, combining the all-weather performance as well as the superior walkability to create a product that is safer, more efficient, and provides greater value to the homeowner.

Our mission began with the idea to create a better, fully synthetic underlayment - one that was engineered and designed for Northwest roofs and Northwest roofing contractors. When research and development began, we set forth parameters for what would truly make an underlayment great. We started with several prototypes, testing them locally here in the Northwest on a variety of projects. Everything from walkability, weather durability, tear strength, and ease of installation were assessed. After field-testing a variety of potential materials, our team took a trip to Owens Corning HQ in Ohio for more testing. It was in this phase that we narrowed our options down to two materials and began to make improvements and tested to determine which would be best. Once the final material was chosen production began, and our first-ever installation with Titanium X-30 was performed in Gig Harbor, WA in the fall of 2019.

But what does this new cutting edge underlayment mean for homeowners? Titanium X-30 was designed to be installed and safely walked on in all-weather, even when moisture and water are present. All-weather durability allows for installation and efficient performance in both cold and hot weather conditions. Unlike other underlayment options, Titanium X-30 will not break down from excessive heat or become unsafe when cold or wet. Comfort Grip Technology provides enhanced cushion and traction allowing crews more comfort while walking. The Owens Corning Stay Put Promise ensures maximum contact underfoot when compared to other underlayments. This ease of walkability enables roofing crews to work more safely and efficiently, as well as helping to make material deliveries more secure on the roof deck once loaded. Far easier and more efficient installation with TX-30 is made possible with each roll being 2x lighter, while still providing exceptional strength. TX-30 rolls are smartly designed to provide 11% more coverage per roll than hybrid underlayments and is easier to fasten than standard size synthetic options. Additionally, visible guidelines help make installation faster and more seamless by providing accurate reference points for roofers to easily secure the material. Titanium X-30 does not require specific fasteners for installation and meets all code and warranty requirements. Titanium X-30 is an underlayment that is truly crafted for the Northwest by both a leader in roofing technology, Owens Corning, and a local Northwest Roofing Contractor, Valentine Roofing. To learn more about Titanium X-30, further benefits, and how we utilize it in our projects follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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