Titanium X-30: Underlayment Made for the Pacific Northwest

2019 was a fantastic year at Valentine Roofing and we’re eagerly looking ahead as we hit the ground running in the new year. We’re excited to kick off 2020 with a sneak peek of a brand new underlayment product coming to the Pacific Northwest very soon. 

We recently spent the day on location in Gig Harbor, Washington with our partners at Owens Corning documenting the very first (ever) install of the new Titanium X-30 underlayment. The Titanium X-30 project has been a year long collaboration with Owens Corning, and we’re excited to see it come to fruition. We’ve worked hand in hand with Owens Corning over the past year developing and testing, until we arrived with a product that we’re really pleased with.

Titanium X-30 is the latest and greatest in roofing underlayment. It features a fully synthetic fabric which will hold up better and last longer than other materials. When installed properly TX-30 will seal around penetrations, preventing damage. A major highlight is that TX-30 is safe to walk and work on when it is wet, which makes it perfect for our Northwest weather. In addition, Titanium X-30 is extremely lightweight, weighing only about half the weight of other comparable underlayment products. Perhaps one of the most exciting features is the ease of install. TX-30 can be installed much more efficiently due to the lighter weight of the material. Lastly, Titanium X-30 provides more coverage per roll than that of other products. 

Titanium X-30 is a fantastic product that we are proud to put our name on and we’re excited to see it roll out here in the Pacific Northwest early this year. There’s a lot more we will be sharing very soon about Titanium X-30 and our collaboration with Owens Corning. Stay tuned for more.

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