What to Expect from a Roofing Project

Most people will only go through the re-roofing process one to two times in their life, it makes sense that not many know what to expect from a roofing installation project. While it can be a daunting project to take on, having the right roofer and roofing contractor in your corner can make the whole re-roofing process refreshingly simple. So what are some of the things you should expect from your project?



Before your roofing project begins a project manager will work with our suppliers to get the right material for your job as well as schedule deliveries. If possible, the supplier will load the material directly to your roof top. Professional loaders will work on proper placement and staging of the material. Some projects may require multiple deliveries, depending on the size and scope of the project.






Another important step that happens is to ensure a waste container is in place for the crew to use. This container is often placed in the driveway or sometimes on the street for old roofing material to be placed into. Other material and tools may also be staged in the driveway for ease of access and so that the crew installing the roof has a specified work area. Because the driveway is often needed throughout the project your project manager will most likely request that is be kept clear for the duration of the project.








Part of the staging process includes setting out plastic to help protect landscaping during the re-roofing process. For decks, windows and garage doors crews can also use plywood another layer of protection against falling debris. To be honest, the whole process can be quite messy, which is why special care is taken to make sure cleaning up each day and after the project is completed is such an important step.








Once the crew is briefed on safety and properly tied off, they will begin removing the old roof material. Most roofers use a special trowel that helps to remove shingles, underlayment and fasteners fro the roof deck to create a clean and clear surface for installing the new material. On occasion it may be required that the roof deck itself be replaced with new CDX plywood.







The waste container is used throughout the project to place old roofing material, flashing, packaging and more. Having a specified location on site for the crew to use throughout the project is crucial for daily clean up and maintaining the tidiest work site possible.









After the old material has been removed the crew will begin to "dry in" the roof using an underlayment specific to each project. Different roof materials do require different underlayments so it is very important to make sure the right underlayment is used. Once the underlayment is in place the roof is effectively water tight and ready for the rest of the roof system.






After the proper underlayment is completely installed  the crew will begin to install metal flashing and shingles to finish the roof. This process can be pretty loud because the crew will use compressors and nailing guns.  A complete roof installation can take a few days to a couple weeks depending on the size of the roof, the material being installed, the weather conditions and more. A project manager will be able to give a best estimate a few days before the project starts to give you the best idea of project length possible.





If you have chosen to include a new gutter system as part of your project this step typically happens after the new roof is completely installed to avoid causing undue stress to the new gutters and avoid leaving scratches behind from material removal, installation and vibratory tasks. A great roofing contractor will keep you in the loop throughout the project providing seamless communication from start to finish. They will also ensure meticulous clean up both during and after each step of the project by properly preparing and using the right cleaning tools for every job.





Hopefully this easy guide will help to alleviate some of the unknowns for your upcoming roofing replacement project.

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