When is it time to replace your roof?

roofing shingle may be marketed as a lifetime shingle but what does that really mean? The lifetime of shingle can very from climate to climate as well as shingle type to shingle type. When it comes to evaluating your composite roof here are some things to look for.

Buckling shingles: As shingles are exposed to harsh UV light and extreme weather they dry out and can loose flexibility. As this happens the shingles will start to curl at the ends and can even buckle.

Cracked shingles: UV exposure over time, falling debris, and moire can lead to cracked shingles. As shingles age they loose their effective tear and puncture strength and are more susceptible to cracking.

Granule loss (bald spots): The granules give the shingle color but more importantly protect the asphalt compound from UV exposure which leads to shingle failure. When the granules start to diminish the rest of the shingle will not be too far behind.

Missing shingles: Your roof may be missing shingles for a variety of reason. The wind may have blown some shingles off, falling debris could have caused shingles to dislodge or the shingles may not have been installed with the proper fastener.

Failing flashing: If your flashings are rusting, pitting or failing around your chimney, skylights or other roof penetrations chances are the shingles have also reached the end of their life. As common practice, if it is time to replace flashings you should think about the shingles as well.

Age of the roof: Most experts within the roofing industry agree that a typical roof will last until around 20 years. In the Northwest the average roof needs to be replaced between 17 and 22 years. Many factors can attribute to the life expectancy of a roof. Climate, layovers, type of installation and more can actually shorten the lifespan of a roof dramatically. If your roof has several layers, is over 20 years of age or shows other signs of aging, chances are it is time to replace your roof!

Don't wait until you develop a leak to evaluate the needs of your home. Being proactive can help save money and stress in the long run. So ask yourself, is it time for me to replace my roof?


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