When to Replace vs Repair your Gutters

They say April showers bring May flowers. A great gutter system will help protect your roof, siding, and foundation from all that April rain. If your gutters have seen better days, you may start noticing signs that your gutters need to be replaced. We have put together some common issues to look out for with your gutter system this spring and what you can do about them!  

Leaking at the Corners or Seams

The weakest part of any system is the seam, gutters are no different. Over time the seal at the seam and corner breaks down and the system will begin to leak. This is easily spotted by water dripping from the underside of the gutters. Leaking gutters is usually an indicator that your gutter system may need to be replaced. However, in some cases, resealing the seams will add a few more years of life to your system as long as you don’t show any other signs of wear. 

Sagging Gutters

Over time, some types of gutters will lose structural integrity from UV exposure. Other systems may be missing fasteners in important places, or have fasteners spaced out too far. This can result in sagging gutters. Since gutters are sloped at a specific angle toward the downspout to ensure proper drainage, sagging can cause real problems. Stagnant water can lead to rusted or pitting gutters, and overflowing gutters, and invite pests to make themselves right at home. On rare occasions, gutters can be repositioned to eliminate sagging. Most of the time it is recommended to replace them. 

Gutters Pulling Away

Gutters will start to pull away from the fascia when the fasteners start to fila. This is common in externally hung gutters systems and traditional spike and ferrule systems. New gutters are typically hung using an internal system employing screws versus nails for a longer stronger hold.

Missing, Damaged, or Dislodged Downspouts

Downspouts are an integral part of a gutter system and carry water from the trough to the ground, protecting the siding and foundation from water damage. Downspouts can become dislodged in storms or from being bumped into. If the gutter trough is in good condition reattaching the downspouts is often all that is needed. However, if the downspouts are damaged, missing, or can not be reconnected it is imperative that you replace them as soon as possible. 

Rusted, Cracked, or Pitted Gutters

Overtime exposure to UV and other environmental factors can cause gutter material to break down. UV rays can affect the structural integrity of plastic gutters, elbows, and downspouts causing them to crack and fail. Over time, coatings on metal gutter systems can wear away leaving the metal exposed to rusting and pitting. These are sure signs that your system has reached the end of its life and needs a full gutter replacement. 

Clogged Gutters

Leaves, needles, pine cones, and more can build up in the gutter system causing overflowing issues. If not cleaned regularly, this same debris will begin to break down damaging the coatings and gutter material along the way. Preventative annual cleanings will help keep your gutters flowing for years to come! If you notice any of these issues with your gutters it may be time to replace your gutters with a new seamless aluminum gutter system from Valentine Roofing. As always, an estimate from us is fast, easy and our best price right from the start! 

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