2021 Fall Checklist for Your Home

When it comes to getting your home ready for fall it can seem a daunting task. Valentine Roofing put together a fall checklist for homeowners to ensure every home is ready for the impending weather and all the changes that fall brings!

1. Clean or Replace Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of keeping water runoff from heavy rains away from integral parts of your home's exterior. In the Northwest, Fall rains are heavy and often. When gutters are clogged they will overflow, causing damage to your roofing, siding, foundation, and more. Unclog gutters and downspouts as part of your fall home maintenance to keep your home protected. If your gutter system is leaking, dented, or pulling away from the fascia, it is probably time to replace your gutters altogether. In that case, skip the cleaning and replace your gutter system.

2. Put Away Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture should be cleaned and stored for the fall and winter seasons. Heavy rains and wind can bring down branches, or even knock furniture over, causing damage. In a particularly blustery storm here in the Pacific Northwest patio furniture has broken windows, damaged siding, and even decking. Keep your furniture and your home protected by storing your outdoor furniture until spring.

3. Clean and Inspect your Roof

Moss buildup, loose or damaged shingles, and cracked vets can cause leaks in your roof. By cleaning and inspecting your roof damage you are ensuring that your roof keeps your home, and everything inside, protected from the fall and winter weather.

4. Check Batteries in Fire Alarms and Sensors

Fall is the perfect time to check the batteries in your fire alarms and sensors. In fact, the changing season is a great reminder to make sure that all your batteries are fresh and working. Check your flashlights and other battery-operated items to ensure they will work through the season no matter what is thrown your way.

5. Check Windows for Drafts

Some studies indicate as much as 25% of heat loss happens through drafty windows and doors. Ensure your home remains cozy, no matter the season, by weather-stripping doors and resealing windows. If your old windows and doors are still drafty after weatherizing them, it may be time to replace them with highly-rated, energy-efficient, vinyl windows.

6. Drain and Remove Hoses/ Cover Faucets

When the seasons change in the Northwest, temperature fluctuations can be unpredictable. Remove hoses from outdoor faucets and cover them before the first frost to avoid water freezing in pipes and causing them to burst.

7. Inspect Attic Insulation

Fall is the time when rodents and others pests start to look for new places to call home. Checking your attic for indications of pests during the fall will ensure that you can eradicate unwanted squatters before the winter. While you are inspecting the attic, it is important to make sure the ventilation is not blocked by loose insulation, that any baffles are properly installed, and that your insulation meets DOE recommendations for our region. If your attic insulation is not sufficient or is in need of an upgrade, consider replacing it before the weather turns chilly to save on energy costs and more.

8. Change Filters

Before you turn that heater back on, change the filters in your heater system. This will keep your furnace from overworking and will ensure the air quality in your home stays healthy throughout the season!

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