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Valentine Roofing provides reliable roof replacement and installation services in the Everett, WA area. In addition to roof replacement, we have been providing expert roof maintenance, roof repair, and emergency roof repair in Everett, WA. Reach out for a free roof repair estimate today!

roof replacement contractors in Everett, Washington

Roof Replacement Material Options 

Not sure what type of roofing material to choose for your roof replacement in Everett? Reach out to our team for a free consultation, and we'll help you select the best option that fits your budget, roof style, and location. We offer the following three roofing materials to homeowners in Everett:

  • composite shingle color swatch


    Composite roofing is an affordable and versatile option, available in a variety of styles and colors. It's a popular choice among homeowners and has an expected lifespan of 20-30 years.

  • PVC roof color swatch


    PVC roofing is a durable and waterproof option for low-slope and flat roofs. It requires minimal maintenance and provides an attractive, modern look for your home.

  • metal roof color swatch


    For homeowners in Western Washington looking for a strong and durable roof, metal roofing is the ideal choice. Metal roofs have a long lifespan of 30-70 years and require minimal yearly maintenance, making them cost-effective over time.

Roof pricing & financing in Everett, WA

Get a quick and convenient free roofing estimate for your Everett residence by utilizing our roof replacement cost calculator. Discover available financing choices to start your investment now.

Average roof cost for a home in Washington

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Our comprehensive roofing services cater to homeowners throughout Everett, ensuring your property is safeguarded against the elements. From roof replacements to repairs, trust in our expertise to meet your roofing needs effectively. Our roofing services include: 


For a safer and more comfortable home, you'll need a reliable roofing system. If your Everett roof has experienced severe damage, has recurrent problems, or is outdated, then replacing your system may be more cost-efficient than repairs. We specialize in composite, low slope, and metal roof replacement for homes in Everett. Contact Valentine Roofing to get started on your roof replacement project in Everett, WA.


Our Everett roof repair team is available to promptly fix leaks, damaged shingles, storm damage, and more. If you’re in an emergency situation, we also offer emergency roof repair services. Whether your damage is big or small, our roof repair crew can help.


Stay ahead of any potential problems with our annual roof maintenance. We'll keep your roof free of leaves and debris throughout the year. Our roof cleaning services start at $549, helping to protect your investment and keep your roof looking its best. We are experienced roofing contractors who know how to quickly and effectively clean your roof without causing any damage. We often recommend that homeowners in Everett have their roofs inspected periodically to ensure no costly emergencies are needed in the future. Usually, the best time to start with inspections and maintenance for your roof is in the spring. Contact us to learn more or to receive a free bif for your roofing maintenance in Everett.


In addition to the core services above, Valentine Roofing offers additional services in Everett like:

By choosing Valentine Roofing, you're choosing a company dedicated to providing quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and affordable prices. We'll work closely with you to understand your needs and recommend the best solutions for your Everett home.

DO YOU NEED A PERMIT for roofing IN Everett?

Yes. The Everett Municipal Code requires a permit to be obtained prior to all major roofing jobs. However, if you work with Valentine for your Everett roofing project, we’ll acquire and document all necessary permits required by the city of Everett for you.

For roof permitting questions and correspondence:

  • Everett City Hall3200 Cedar Street, 2nd Floor, Everett, WA 98201
  • Phone: 425-257-8810


Everett, located in Washington state, is home to residences with an average size of approximately 1,678 square feet. If you are a homeowner in Everett with a property ranging from 1,000 to 1,750 square feet, you can expect the cost of a complete roof replacement to range from $11,050 to $67,500.

Various factors, such as roof size, design, and material selection, impact the cost of a roof replacement. Due to the uniqueness of each roof, obtaining an accurate estimate without considering specific details is challenging. Consultation with a roofing specialist is recommended to assess your needs and offer customized options for your Everett home.

Average Roof Cost by Material in Everett, WA

Roof MaterialRoof Cost
Composite Shingles $11,050-$27,000
Metal Roofing $27,625-$67,500
Single-Ply Membrane Roofing $22,100-$54,000

Roof Financing in everett, WA

At Valentine Roofing, we understand that unexpected roof repairs or much-needed replacements can put a strain on your finances. That's why we're proud to offer a range of exclusive roof financing options in partnership with a trusted local credit union.

We know one size doesn't fit all, which is why our financing programs are designed to be flexible. Whether you have a large project requiring a significant investment or a smaller repair you'd like to spread out over time, we have options to fit your budget.

Zip Codes Served in Everett, WA:

  • 98201
  • 98203
  • 98204
  • 98208

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