Meet Ron & Therese

Rob and Therese outside their home

Ron and Therese Smith have been married for 14 years. They originally met at church, and they have dedicated much of their time together to service, within their church and within their community. The couple has traveled together to several countries such as the Philippines, Uruguay, and Uganda, volunteering through missions, providing aid locally to people and families in need. When they are home, they volunteer within the church’s marriage ministry program as well as the church’s children’s ministry program. Close friends and family say that Therese has always been a caregiver, and for the last decade she has been a steadfast and devoted employee for the Boyer Clinic. The clinic is a non-profit agency offering intervention programs and services to families of children with neuromuscular disorders or developmental delays. At the clinic, Therese provides essential support and guidance, and coordinates resources for these families. Ron has worked in the trade industry as a craftsman, carpenter, handyman, and much more - often using his talents to donate his time and skills to serve fellow church members and neighbors. When we first met the couple, Ron was just returning home from helping a neighbor in need of his expertise. The Smith’s aging roof began to fail and after several repair attempts, it was clear that the roof would need to be replaced this season. The couple was unable to afford a new roof after numerous other home expenses popped up, including an attic abatement to treat a mold infestation caused by their leaking roof. We received dozens of nominations from their friends, family members, and church congregation eager to give back to the Smiths for all they do for others.

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She is a pillar of dedication and support with absolute dedication and loyalty to the mission. She has a welcoming presence and incredible positivity.


In September of 2020, we began work on the aging roof that was leaking at the Smith residence causing mold in the attic and some interior damage to the ceiling. The site foreman and Valentine Roofing crew removed the old failing roof and began repairing the damaged roof deck with new CDX plywood. Most of the leaking was centralized to the low slope roof above the sunroom but the crew also found signs of leaking around the bathroom vent. Once the repairs were completed the crew began installing an entirely new roofing system complete with fully synthetic, all-weather, underlayment Titanium X-30 and the Owens Corning shingle color of the year, Pacific Wave. The shingle was a perfect complement to the new blue paint the couple had recently used to paint the exterior of their home. To prevent future leaking over the sunroom our crew installed a PVC membrane, perfect for low slope roof areas. New gutters and downspouts were installed to catch water run-off and divert water away from the roof. The project was completed before the first rain of the season providing the couple with the peace of mind they needed going into another rainy and windy fall.

Project location map

Project Specs

    • LOCATION: Marysville, WA
    • ROOF TYPE: Combo (Composition Shingles & PVC)
    • ROOF PITCH: 5/12
    • SHINGLE TYPE: Owens Corning Duration Designer
    • SHINGLE COLOR: Pacific Wave
    • GUTTER TYPE: 5K Seamless Aluminum
    • GUTTER COLOR: Lo Gloss White
    • JOB NOTES: New CDX plywood was installed in areas that needed roof deck repairs like the low slope roof section that had been leaking as well as the decking surrounding a bathroom vent that showed signs of water damage. New fascia boards were installed in areas where the fascia had signs of rot. Duration Designer shingles were installed over Titanium X-30 underlayment. PVC membrane was installed on the low slope roof in the back of the home. New gutters and downspouts completed the project.

Project Partners

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