Roof Insurance Claim Assistance For Homes in Seattle, WA & Surrounding Areas

Seattle storms can wreak havoc on your roof, don’t let insurance companies do the same. The experts at Valentine Roofing will inspect your roof for storm damage, assist you through the insurance claims process, and provide a free bid for repairs. Contact us today to get started and restore the protective ability of your roof.

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Preparing For a Roof Insurance Claim

Has a recent storm damaged your roof? We can help you every step of the way, from filing an insurance claim to overseeing high-quality repairs. Follow these steps:

  1. Take photos and videos of the damage as evidence for your claim. 
  2. Call us for a free roof inspection and damage assessment. 
  3. File an insurance claim if the repairs exceed your deductible. 
  4. Meet with the claims provider to get your coverage quote. 
  5. Once approved, receive your insurance check and start repairs. 
  6. Hire Valentine Roofing for reliable, high-quality repairs.

Recovering from roof storm damage can be stressful. With Valentine Roofing’s expertise guiding your insurance claim and roof restoration, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. Contact us today to get your roof back to pre-storm condition quickly and hassle-free.

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Why Hire Valentine Roofing in Seattle for Insurance Claim Assistance?

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    Free roof inspections & roofing bids
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    Assistance with inquiries from your insurance assessor
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    Durable solutions for roof replacement and repair
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    Guidance in securing a fair settlement amount from your insurance company

Common Roof Damage Covered by Insurance

Homeowners insurance will usually cover damage caused by events outside of your control. Coverage varies, but your insurance will likely cover:


Seattle wind damage roofing insurance claim assistance

Damage From

Insurance claim assistance for lightening damage on Seattle roof

from Debris

Harsh weather damage insurance claim for Seattle residential roof


insurance claim for damaged Seattle roof by ice dam


Seattle roof replacement insurance claims for fire damages

Damage Claims Commonly Denied by Insurance

Insurers commonly deny claims if the damage falls under a policy exclusion, such as damage caused by the age of your roof or common wear and tear. Keeping up with roof maintenance is crucial to prevent insurance claim denials due to neglected roof conditions. Utilize our Home Care Program for consistent roof upkeep and cleanliness throughout the year.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Services in Seattle, WA

Valentine Roofing provides fast, expert repairs for storm-damaged roofs in Seattle. Our technicians will quickly assess your roof and identify all problem areas before repairing any damage. Common storm damage in Seattle we repair includes:

  • Roof Wind Damage
  • Roof Damage from Heavy Rain
  • Roof Damage from Ice & Snow

Valentine Roofing also provides emergency roof repair services in Seattle to protect your home when there’s no time to waste. Contact Valentine Roofing today for a free bid on our comprehensive Seattle roof repair services.

Reasons an Insurer Might Deny a Claim

Insurance companies can deny your roof damage claim if you don’t properly document the damage. It is critical to take pictures of all damaged areas from a variety of angles to accurately document and prove the damage to your homeowners' insurance company.

Other reasons your insurer can deny your claim include not filing your claim on time, neglecting to pay your premiums, or making any false statement regarding your claim. Ensure every aspect of your claim is accurate and properly documented before filing your claim. Coverage varies, so check your homeowners’ insurance policy for specifics on covered damage.

Free Roofing Inspections for Storm Damage in Seattle, WA

Valentine Roofing offers free roof inspections after storms in the Seattle area. Even if your home has not clearly suffered damage following a storm, your roof should still be inspected to ensure there’s no leaking or underlying damage to the roof deck.

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FAQs About Roof Insurance Claims

Why do insurance claims get rejected?

Insurance claims commonly get rejected due to a dispute as to who is at fault or liable for the damages. For insurance claims for roof damage, claims are often rejected because the insurance company believes the damage to a roof or home is mostly due to the negligence of the homeowner.

Does house insurance cover a rotten roof?

Insurance companies will rarely cover damages caused by a rotted roof. It may be difficult to prove a rotted roof was caused by scenarios outside of a homeowner’s control.

What makes a roof uninsurable?

Insurance companies may refuse to insure a roof due to age, material, geographical location, or the current state of the roof. They will be hesitant to insure any roof deemed “high risk.”

Will my insurance increase after a storm damage claim?

In most cases, yes. Insurance companies often raise your rates after filing any type of claim. Even in scenarios entirely out of your control, your insurance company may increase your rates for the next year’s period.