Outdoor Christmas Lights Installation IN Seattle, wa

Hanging Christmas lights is a time-honored tradition in Seattle. Each year Puget Sound families pull their decorations out of the attic, brush off their dusty ladders, untangle their ball of lights, bundle up and get to work. Valentine Roofing takes all the guesswork and stress out of hanging Christmas lights with our professional outdoor Christmas lights installation services.

brighten up your holidays

Our services start with a free estimate, emailed directly to you. A trained technician will custom-create your outdoor Christmas lights to fit your roof and gutter line perfectly. No more light strands that are too long or too short! Each installation includes a timer that powers your lights off automatically during the day, when you’re not home, and late at night when you are sleeping - reducing energy consumption and saving you money. Choose from the Classic White package with warm white LED lights or the very popular Candy Cane package featuring red and warm white LED lights. Have us out for a one-time installation service or you can sign up for our annual light rehanging service and we will even schedule your lights installation for you. Either way, we will return to your home after the holidays and remove the lights, placing them neatly into a storage container, ready for the next holiday season. 

Let us take the reins this holiday season so that you can spend more time with your family and friends enjoying your holiday traditions.

Features & Benefits

Safe: Never climb a ladder again! Our trained technicians have the proper safety equipment to safely hang and remove your Christmas lights along your gutter and roofline.

Beautiful: Classic White and Candy Cane offer two traditional holiday lighting looks for your home. C9 LED bulbs are large outdoor Christmas lights that bring the spirit of the season alive with warm whites and vibrant reds.

Durable: We use C9 LED bulbs in all our installation packages. C9 LED bulbs are long-lasting and won’t fade, break or chip over time. These bulbs last an estimated TEN times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. LEDs are also among the most energy-efficient holiday lights. Due to lower heat emissions, LEDs are also a safer option for your home.

Efficient: Lights will automatically turn on every night for a warm welcome home and will turn off to conserve energy through the night while you are sleeping and during the day while you are away using a preset timer.

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